viernes, 16 de septiembre de 2011

Comunicado de Prensa sobre Parallax Af

Este comunicado de prensa dá una idea de las obras que presentaremos para el evento de Arte contemporáneo Parallax AF.
Éste es el link :(catálogo e introducción de Dr Chris Barlow):

 New International Contemporary Art Fair in London, Parallax AF, will Showcase New Emerging Artists from Around the World

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 16 September 2011 :
Part 1) It would be difficult to single out every artist, but, as ever, the abstract painting is impressive with strong representation from Europe and the UK again: Jean-Marc Isere’s (France) craquelure technique; the seeming randomness of Erin Lawlor’s (France) and David Feruch’s (France) energetic mark making; the almost classically-restrained pieces by Ben Banks (France); the luminescent canvases of Dagmar Dost-Nolden (Germany) and Eli Acheson’s (UK) paintings with an appearance of having organically grown of themselves. The bright, airy and lively surfaces – one can almost hear carnival in their surface- of Maka Fidyka (Spain) and Daphne Anastassiou (Chile) will be on show. We are extremely excited to be showcasing the carved and constructed sculpture of Daphne Lyon (Chile) as well as Mohamed Hissan (Sudan). The theme of hair is important for some artists with both Constanze Schweda (UK) and Elizabeth Brannan-Williams (UK) making this material part of their media. Lisbeth Sahl’s (Denmark) paintings also look at the meaning of hair and identity. Identity is the main theme of the video artist, this time producing paintings, Laila Masri (UAE). Textile art is represented by Maria-Theresa Fernandes (UK) and Elzbieta Bittner (USA), whose sombre-coloured and majestic tapestries cut across the grain of what one would normally expect from this historical media. There is an intriguing sculpture made from meat, another unusual medium, by the Israeli artist Aurora Ira (Israel), sculpture by Leila Jabre Jureidini (Lebanon) that also subverts materials in work such as “Stitched”, and, picking up on the theme of cracked surface, the remarkably beautiful pieces by the ceramicist Belgin Bozsahin (UK). We are extremely excited that the gallerist/dealer/artist Luisa Catucci (Germany) will be showcasing artists from her gallery in Berlin, Cell63. Also based in Germany, S P Williams (Germany) will exhibit his dark, rich and powerfully arresting images and Anne Horst (Germany) will show equally intriguing images similarly rich in old-master tonalities. Sue Skitt’s (UK) photographic still lifes likewise betray an old-master sensibility with seventeenth-century subject matter conceptualised for contemporary society. Similar subjects concerning humanity and existence are also considered in the photograms of Carl Gent (UK). Considerations of process are important for David Agenjo (Spain) where each painting commences as a palette and, similarly, Robert Doesburg (Netherlands) creates what appear to be naïve figurative paintings, but on closer inspection are generated from hundreds of tiny abstract paintings- two figurative painters whose practices touch upon important theories in deconstructive art history and are worth checking out. The remarkable and beautifully executed (almost Beaux Arts) paintings of Asokan Nanniyode (India) will be on show, as will an impressive group of semi-figurative painters from Poland, including the work of Tomasz Pietrek (Poland).

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